6 Reasons To Choose A Ugly Stik

These rods are known for their strength, durability, and versatility. They’re strong enough to handle salmon and other saltwater fish, but sensitive enough for trout. Here are 6 reasons to choose a ugly stik:


ugly stikThese rods are almost really indestructible. I say almost because if you were to blatantly try to break it you probably could, but it would still be difficult. Though, if you use it for normal fishing use and accidentally step on it or shut it in your car door at some time or another, then more than likely it is not going to break. Speaking of that, I couldn’t tell you how many times I have broke rods by stepping on them in the boat.


The rod tips are made very sensitive so you can feel the bite. This means you will be able to cast farther and feel your bait better in the water and on when you are bumping it along structure.


They are made for almost every type of fishing species imaginable. You can find Ugly Stiks in all sorts of lengths, flexibilities, and for specific reel types.

Low Price

Almost all Ugly Stiks are under $50-$60. Why spend $100+ on some rod that claims to be the next best that will probably break in a year or two when you can get a better rod for less that will last longer?


When a company like Shakespeare has man making this rod for over 30 years, you know something about these rods has to be right. Why would they still be making them if they were not any good? These rods are very popular and almost everybody who fishes has heard of them. History and loyalty speaks for itself.

Great Gift

ugly stik gift

There is nothing like introducing someone to fishing or taking a kid fishing for the first time. These rods make awesome gifts not only for avid fisherman but also for beginners. The Ugly Stik has models made for kids specifically and they even make them in pink for the more feminine.





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