Include A Travel Fishing Rod In Your Arsenal

It’s often thought that a lot of performance is sacrificed with a multi part travel fishing rod and that one piece rods are ideal. I suppose they are but why let that stop us from the joy of being able to fish while traveling freely. Travel fishing rods are now big business and the technology has come a long, long way from times past. Isn’t the whole point to have great rod at your side whenever you travel? There are handsome travel fishing rods available to facilitate your fishing dreams wherever you may travel or find yourself.

The performance of travel fishing rods are now superb especially from the better manufactures and there are many lightweight travel rods which will reward you with years of quick and responsive performance.

Telescope Travel Fishing Rod

Weight aside the next most important consideration for this category of fishing rods is size. Some clever designs have done some miraculous things to make the ratio of size to performance and ease of assembly truly fantastic.

There’s not just one class of rod that can be made into a travel fishing rod. This concept now applies to spinning rods, fly rods, multi piece fresh and saltwater rods… they cover the full spectrum of angling. You can even get big game saltwater spinning travel rods fully equipped with graphite roller guides and excellent craftsmanship.

Travel fishing rods will typically come in designs of 4 – 7 pieces. Often you can custom design the decals and choose your own hardware. Commonly the rods are also accompanied with carrying cases to protect and secure your investment for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Practically any rod you can think of can now be purchased in a travel fishing rod design without any dramatic decrease in performance. Their design is a marriage of light weight with incredible resistance, response and strength. They feature smooth loading tips and powerful buts for lifting power, made from quality carbon fiber and an extremely durable core, these rods combine to make one of the most powerful yet light weight choices of fishing rod available on the market today.

Graphite Travel Fishing Rod

One further advantage is the freedom to weight balance the rod and you can get additional weights fitted to some models below the cork. Travel fishing rods have certainly been around for some years but in modern times they have become beautiful rods to fish with. The greatest danger is often in the transport so make sure your travel rod is fully protected with a good quality case. It’s a worthwhile investment especially if you intend to get maximum mileage out of your travel and fishing.

A greater number of anglers are also opting for multi-piece travel fly rods. These rods will break down into 5 – 7 sections instead of the standard 2 -3 and this makes them extremely space efficient and portable. It’s a fine art to make a fly rod perform beautifully under such limitations however the manufactures have succeeded in making them perform to an almost identical standard at less that 24 inches in length when broken down.

Most serious fisherman now days will include a travel fishing rod in their collection and almost all of them are accompanied with a good carrying case, otherwise what’s the point? Perfect for tracking across the hills and moors or in the suitcase on vacations.

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