Make Your Own Fishing Weights With Sinker Molds

Fishing is a popular hobby nowadays that is enjoyed by young and old people alike. Catching a fish in the wild involves different techniques that can be gained with adequate experience. There are also a wide variety of fishing equipment and accessories that fishing enthusiasts employ to increase their chances of catching a fish. One of these accessories is the fishing weight or sinker.

sinkerFishing weights are used for deep or shallow water applications. They provides an ideal solution for anchoring fishing lures so that even fish at greater depths can be caught. Although they come in different shapes and sizes, a fishing weight is often threaded at the end of the fishing line via a loop of wire attached to its body or a hole bored through the weight. Factors like water current and the type of fish that is being pursued can affect the type of fishing weight that will be used.

sinker moldsMost fisherman use cheap fishing weight alternatives that are small but dense enough to serve their purpose. One can make their own weights by pouring melted metal into sinker molds. There are jig, lure, and sinker type molds for fishing weights that can be bought in fishing supply stores. These molds are made from metal that is machined smoothly to ensure that the weights that may be fashioned out of it are reliable. The style and size of the inserts and hooks that are used with the weights are considered when purchasing these molds for a perfect fit.

sinker moldsTo use sinker molds, it is essential that gloves resistant to heat are used when handling it. Adequate ventilation is also needed in the work area since metal that will be used for making the weights will be heated at very high temperatures and noxious fumes might be produced in the process. Once the metal is melted, the slag is skimmed off the surface to leave behind a hot, clear liquid. The molten liquid is then carefully poured over the molds and allowed to cool down for several hours.

Using sinker molds for fishing weights can be advantageous because you can have greater control on the material and size of the weight you will use. If you want to catch bigger fish that often lurk near the bottom of salt or fresh bodies of water, making a denser weight designed for catching those fish will come in handy.

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