The Thrill Of Pike Fishing

If you’re serious about fishing for Pike you need the right tackle!

Fishing for Pike is one of the most intense experiences you’ll ever have with a rod and reel. And you need the right tackle to catch these fish. Click here for more pike fishing tips.

These aren’t fish that you just go after for the heck of it. If you’re going to take on the mighty Pike, then not only do you need to know what you’re doing, but you also have to attack them with the right gear – and that includes fishing lures, spinners, fishing line, poles and rods, reels, pliers, and more. If you aren’t prepared to take the right tools to the water, then don’t bother.

Pike are predators – they are strong hunters themselves. You can talk about your rainbow trout, your brown trout, your pickerel and your perch. You can talk about muskies and shad and catfish. They’ve all got their place.

pike fishingBut Pike are something special. Northern Pike are going to attack your lure as if it were prey. If you aren’t ready, they’ll rip that rod right out of your hands. More than one fisherman has found himself staring at the water while his rod goes skimming over the surface, hooked to a fish that doesn’t mess around. It’s not like you’re in any danger – although when removing the hook or lure you better watch your fingers – but there’s a pretty big gap between what works and what doesn’t when you’re out hunting pike.

When you are pike fishing you can have all the right plans, be in the right spot, and you can even have your prey sitting pretty right in front of you – but if you don’t have the tools you need, then all your effort and all your skill is just going to amount to nothing. What will hook a perch or some other simple pan fish is not what’s going to snag the might Pike you’re after.

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