Interesting Catch: Highland Stoneroller (Campostoma sapadiceum)

Was fishing the Lower Mountain Fork River (LMF) just above Presbyterian Falls  couple of weeks ago and caught a fish that was pretty interesting…






Highland Stoneroller 1

Highland Stoneroller 2

Highland Stoneroller 3

I shot an email over to the wildlife department to see what they thought… Turned out to be a pretty interesting catch. Thanks to Greg Summers, the Supervisor of the Oklahoma Fishery Research Lab, it was quickly identified as the Highland Stoneroller.

The Highland Stoneroller has been a hot topic for ichthyologists recently. Within the last year it’s been identified as a unique species and there aren’t very many images available of this species.

Not the monster brown I had been planning on catching… but still cool enough to deserve a quick post.

(This is a reprint of the original article appearing on this site by the previous owner Ward Wulf)

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