Differing Styles Of Ice Fishing Shelters

Ice fishing shelters are a necessity if you want to go ice fishing in different locations and require the protection offered by a permanent ice fishing house from freezing winds and sun glare, but need the portability to follow the fish. It is this portability that will help you go after the bigger fish with the confidence of knowing you have the security and protection from the elements allowing you to do what you enjoy best – ice fishing.

There are numerous styles and models of Ice Fishing Shelters available on the market, some better than others and of course price will always play apart in determining the quality of the ice fishing shelter. Lets quickly go through some differing styles.

Folding Ice Fishing Shelter

folding ice fishing shelterThe most popular ice fishing shelter is the folding ice fishing shelter, which resembles a small tent. These are small, extremely lightweight and are used by only one or two ice fisherman. However, because of their size and weight, they will not provide the protection of other styles in more extreme conditions.



The Flip Up Ice Fishing Shelter.

Flip Up Ice Fishing ShelterWith it’s firm bucket like base, this style provides you with an internal floor and makes for easing maneuvering or dragging the shelter to your location. The bucket shape also offers a storage facility for your ice fishing equipment. Assembly is quick and like it’s name suggests, you simply flip up the sides and ceiling, and collapse it back down again when you are finished.


The All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Mounted Ice Fishing Shelter

As more and more anglers use their Ice Fishing Shelters ATVATVs to get to their fishing destinations and across lakes, a popular choice is an ATV Ice Fishing Shelter. These shelters attach to an ATV for easy transportation. This option provides a very sturdy, comfortable and safe shelter, with the added flexibility of being quick to assemble and take down for transporting you and your shelter to your next spot.


What works best for you will depend on the terrain you are fishing and the number of times you wish to fish, along with the budget you have available. Whatever option you choose, Ice fishing shelters are essential if you are serious about ice fishing.

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