How To Fish For Walleye

How to fish for walleye┬áisn’t as easy as some would imagine. There are a lot of tips and tricks for catching that prize winning walleye. I’m going to tell you some of these tips and tricks in attempt to help you become a better walleye fisherman, and I also hope to teach you to fish for walleye.

Depending on what time of year it is there are different strategies that you are going to want to try when fishing for walleye. Walleye are normally considered cold weather fish, although it is possible to catch them in the summer time it is quiet harder. People say the best time to catch walleye are in the early months of the year and in early spring, just when the ice starts melting off the lakes and streams. Once the walleye come out from there winter hide a ways they start going up stream to spawn. Depending on where they are at it may be a short journey or a long one if they live in bigger lakes around the country.

walleye1When trying to catch pre-spawning walleye you should use either a shallow diving jerk bait or live minnows work well too. Just remember that you have to fish toward the bottom of the stream or river you are fishing, so split weights will work well. Just put the split weights around 6 inches from the bait so that the bait looks natural when floating to the bottom. Once you get the feel of where the bottom is you should start jerking the bait as soon as the weight hits the bottom. This simulates a bait fish feeding off the bottom of the stream. You want to keep a little bit of tension on the line the whole time. If you let slack get in the line you may not feel the fish hitting the bait and it will spit it out before you can react.

walleye2Fishing for Walleye in the early summer is a lot better. Once spawning is done and the fish are back to normal feeding that is the time that you can catch a lot of walleye. The only problem with fishing for walleye when they are typically feeding is you don’t know where they are at. They can be anywhere in the lake. They tend to be around vegetation, they use it for cover to ambush other fish when hunting. Usually using a crank bait reeling in kinda fast is the best option if you come across any in the shallows. If there seems to be a lack of cover and vegetation try to find some underwater structures, they also use those when feeding. Any structure could be actual stuff thats in the water, sunken islands, points that jut out into deeper water, and rip rap is another popular place for walleye.

Where ever you end up fishing just remember to be patient and safe. If in a boat and you can see the fish just remember that they can see you too and any sudden moves may scare them away.

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