How To Catch Rainbow Trout In Any Season

Rainbow trout fishing is one of the most popular fishing experiences. People are constantly in the news for their trout fishing exploits. It is a fun pastime and a great hobby to cultivate. Catching rainbow trout is not difficult but it can be a challenge if you are looking at the number of fish you catch at one go. They are found mostly in rivers and lakes. Rivers are often too fast in the spring season to catch them, and in summer the lakes become overpopulated with people fishing for them.

When fishing for rainbow trout in lakes, these fish are usually stocked or planted. Stocked fish are planted by the local fish commission into the water. This is important to know because stocked trout usually prefer a different kind of bait when compared to their wild counterparts.

how to catch rainbow troutArtificial bait like Powerbait is an excellent option when fishing in stocked lakes or ponds because it imitates what they were used to eating at the hatchery. This is then molded onto the fishing hook and cast into the water. Using a stopper like a small barrel swivel can help.

River fishing is the best option during the summer when the lakes can become crowded with anglers and fishermen. When fishing in a river, you will be wading. Freshwater rainbow trout prefer live worms to any other kind of bait. It is important that you present the live worm to the trout in as natural a manner as possible. You can add more weight to the fishing line so that the lure is settled in the bottom of the water surface by using split shot sinkers.

how to catch rainbow trout wormsThe size and number of the split shot sinkers depends on the flow of water and the depth of the river. The point behind using them is to present the bait as a natural flowing worm at the bottom of the river. If you have a large worm, you can cut it into half and use only one half. The bottom of the rod tips as the rig flows with the current. If you are doing this for the first time, you will have difficulty in distinguishing the bottom of the river and getting a bite.

It is advised that you use a line that is 4-8 lb for fishing in streams. However, a long line would be required with the same diameter for fishing in large lakes. Trout can ideally be caught using hook sizes between 8-5. Best bait for trout include salmon eggs, worms, cut bait and corn. You will gain expertise on how to catch rainbow trout as you continue fishing and trying different baits.

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