How To Catch Catfish In Lakes And Rivers

The value of how to catch catfish in the angler’s eyes in recent years has gone up quite a bit. If you are looking to catch catfish, you aren’t that unusual anymore, as people have even started eating them relatively regularly. They are known for having a more watery, less fishy taste than others – like trout or salmon – and for being pretty good eating. They are also a nearly ubiquitous presence in the world’s oceans. You can catch catfish in saltwater and freshwater, pretty much any large body of water in the world. According to the scientific classification, catfish are actually any fish in a family. There are dozens of families under that, and several species in each of those families. They usually don’t live in the deep sea, being a mostly shallow-water fish, but you can find them in rivers, lakes, and coastlines all over the world, but particularly in the Americas.

How To Catch CatfishIt is relatively easy to catch catfish, honestly. Catfish are mostly bottom feeders, picking up what they can on the bottom of relatively shallow bodies of water, so basically, you want to add a weight to your line regardless of what you do. They aren’t going to be at the surface typically, though you can catch them in shallow freshwater while fishing for pretty much anything else. They are known for being willing to eat pretty much everything, so you can put anything on the end of your hook, and if a catfish is around, they will eat it. That said, if you want to directly target them, you want to focus on cut bait. Cut bait is any fish that you chop up and put the pieces on the hook. The best cut fish, apparently, is going to be oily. You want the fish to be able to smell them, because they are likely blind as bats. The smellier – the better. The rule is generally that the more bait you put on the hook, the larger a catfish you are likely to catch.

cut bait for how to catch catfishIf you are interested in catching catfish, you should do the following: first of all, find a place where you can fish on the shore or on the end of a dock or in a boat. They should be relatively evenly distributed throughout the body of water, but in rivers and streams, you are likely to catch catfish – and any fish – in the slower moving parts of the river. If you are in the fast moving parts, they will get swept away, which is typically not what any fish wants. So you go to the shore in rivers and streams, and preferably on the outside of any bend. On lakes, look for shallow areas with lots of cover and weeds. These areas usually provide the food the catfish are looking for.

Catfish aren’t the type of fish to get distracted by the hook itself. So you don’t have to use the bait to cover the hook and the barb. You can leave it in the open. There are many catfish baits besides cut bait that you could try like hotdogs, cheese, chicken livers and more. They aren’t a scaled fish, so sparkly things don’t necessarily attract them. You might be wise to put a bobber on your catfish rigs and then extend the line so it is long enough to dangle just slightly above the floor of the sea/river/lake bed. They aren’t trolling the dirt, they are just slightly above it. That’s all there is to how to catch catfish.

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