What To Look For Before Purchasing A Fishing Bivvy

A fishing bivvy is probably one of the most expensive pieces of fishing equipment that you are likely to buy so you need to get it right first time. Bivvies come in many shapes and sizes so wherever you are looking to fish and however much room you need inside, there will be one to suit everyone. Listed below are a few of the features that you need to make sure are included in the one that you are looking to purchase.

fishing bivvyMake sure that any bivvies that you are thinking of purchasing have doors that securely tie back, as there is nothing more annoying than having a door that keeps flapping around when it is windy. Ideally you will find a fishing bivvy that has interchangeable door panels. Therefore in the summer you will have a door panel made of mesh that will let the light in but keep any insects out. In the winter you will have a door that will have a large transparent panel that will let the light in but keep the wind out.

fishing bivvyAnother thing to check out is the weight of any bivvy that you are looking to purchase. At some point you are going to have to carry this manually and the last thing you need is a heavy bivvy as well as your other fishing equipment to carry. You need to look at ones that have aluminum poles as these are a lightweight material and they will not corrode.

fishing bivvyA fishing bivvy needs to be large enough to accommodate all of your equipment including any chairs and bed chairs that you may have. Ideally you need enough space inside your bivvy so that you can keep both your fishing chair and bed chair set up. Something not always mentioned when people are giving advice about fishing bivvies is the amount of pegging points that are needed. Ideally it should have at least 12 pegging points as this will increase the stability. This will enable you to have a stable bivvy whether your swim is flat or on uneven ground.

A final thing you need to do when purchasing your fishing bivvy is to check what accessories are included with it. Ideally you would want the pegs and a heavy duty ground sheet as a minimum, failing to get these included could end up with you having to add a unnecessary cost to your initial price.

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