Top 4 Daiwa Rods To Buy

Daiwa rods come packed with an awful lot of clever thinking and technology packed into their design. For superior casting power for example the guides on these rods feed the line so efficiently from the reel due to the specially designed small diameter of the guides.

Greater hooking power is delivered to you through more guides, more closely spaced along the length of Daiwa rods. This creates less energy loss and set the hook firmer on those all important strikes. Another benefit from this design is increased sensitivity as the lighter tip in combination with the increased number of guides equals better sensitivity.

Structurally Daiwa rods use something called HSD which stands for high structural density. They are graphite fishing rods which use unidirectional graphite fiber resulting in a greater fiber to volume ratio. As a result anglers enjoy a lightweight and hardworking Daiwa fishing rod with great sensitivity and fish fighting power.

Daiwa Cielo Freshwater Fishing Rods

Daiwa Rods CieloThese fishing rod are specifically aimed at bass fishing. You’ll find they have a super fast tip action that previously was not possible to achieve with other rod building technologies. All bass anglers know that strikes from these fish can sometimes be extremely delicate but with this breed of Daiwa fishing rods you’ll easily see and feel even the most gentle of strings. It’s diameter is fine and beautifully lightweight although it’s practically an unbreakable fishing rod!

Daiwa Exceler Fishing Rods

A new series of fishing rods from Daiwa are in the form of spinning and trigger rods. They all feature the sensitive IM6 graphite blanks yet are extremely powerful. The building materials in these rods are excellent at prices which you could find hard to beat. Models in this range go from ultra light fishing rods right up to medium heavy actions. Whatever your type of fishing you’ll be able to find a rod in this range to suit it.

Triforce Daiwa Fishing Rods

Daiwa Rods TriforceThere is a remarkable new fishing rod from Daiwa called the ‘Shorty’. At just 3 feet in length it’s a perfect rod to get in and around those tight fishing corners such as creeks or fishing jetty’s where space can be severely limited. You’ll certainly turn heads this design of rod as until now they have been commonly seen. As always these Daiwa rods feature top quality graphite blanks and Aluminum Oxide guides.

Daiwa Fuego Freshwater Fishing Rods

daiwa rods fuegoAs the Spanish title suggest this rod has fire in its soul as a super charged series of spinning rods aimed at the serious fisherman. The are lightweight but made from HVF graphite and will match perfectly to Daiwa Fuego spinning reels in the same range. They’ve been made available in a variety of different lengths and fishing actions. With Daiwa rods you get all the technology of the modern era we live in while making your fishing as enjoyable and successful as possible.

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