Where And When To Go Crappie Fishing

Crappie fishing is one of the most popular and productive types of fishing. It is deemed by many anglers as less complicated and more relaxed compared to other types of fishing that demand a higher level of proficiency as well as patience!

Their large quantities make them easier to catch when you find them but they are among the trickiest to find. Their nomadic habits mean that they seldom stay in one place for more than a few days at a time.

Crappies are quite predictable around their spawn time, but experienced anglers can catch them year round. Much of the secret of how to catch crappie is arming yourself with the knowledge of how to find them!

Seasonal Crappie Movements

The sensory functions that govern the behavior of crappie are a highly structured and predictable sequence of activities designed to ensure maximal fitness and survival of the species, there is established a probability of behavior in given situations. Thus, the crappies seasonal movements that are repeated by every crappie in every body of water become a predictable science, knowledge that can be utilized to become a better angler.

Black CrappieMany anglers wait for the spawn before hitting the water but there are a couple points to keep in mind that can make the early spring slab fishing a blast. Early spring crappies are often deep and locating them can be difficult at times, however their movements often occur in shallow areas where the water warms first.

Spring slab fishing season is the favorite time of year for most crappie fishermen. This is when crappie slowly begin to make their move towards the shallow banks where they will spawn. Crappie often stage on points or drop-offs near the spawning grounds until the water reaches spawn temperature, then they move to the banks to spawn.
Many fishermen continue fishing the spawning areas during the summer catching small crappie. This is because after the spawn, small crappie stay in the spawning area eating plankton, crustaceans and bugs while the large crappie move back to the deeper points, humps, rock reefs, and drop-offs where they were staged before the spawn. These are the areas you want to fish to catch the slabs when summer crappie fishing.

The experienced anglers focus most of their energy into fishing at night during summer months. Nighttime is the best time to catch the largest crappies at any time of the year.

Night fishing for crappies can be one of the most exciting and productive fishing trips you’ll ever make. Many angers believe fall slab fishing is without a doubt the best. The crappie school in huge numbers around rocky structures that hold bait fish to fatten up for the winter. It’s not unusual to catch 50 or more crappie and not have one under 10″.

Winter crappie fishing, when the bite has slowed and the water cools can be the most challenging time to catch crappie; you have to find them. They tend to move to open water on deep lake points or suspended over deeper sections of smaller waters

Rods and Reels

In determining which fishing rod and reel is the best one for you, you must consider the species you are fishing for along with the type of lure or live bait to be used. Choosing the right fishing rods and fishing reels can be terribly confusing. Buy the best you can afford to suit your individual preferences or needs, but buy it because it will work best for you.

Crappie Fishing Lures and Baits

micro power minnow for crappie fishingUnderstandings the crappie species and its feeding habits determines what baits we use when fishing for them. Crappie possess a varied diet of plankton, bugs and small fish. You can make the most of a crappie’s habits by making use of different fishing techniques which includes jigging as well as trolling with a number of baits and also lures. The most popular are crappie lures and live minnows. Making the bait appear more life-like through proper presentation and choice of lure color can aid in attracting the crappie.

How Weather Affects Fish Activity

As weather and environmental conditions change, adjusting your fishing techniques is key to success. Weather and fishing are so closely related, it is the single most significant factor that affects crappie activity. Every angler also knows that the best times to fish are when the fish are feeding, which is generally at dusk and dawn. Nevertheless there are additional considerations, for example solar and lunar influences will affect your crappie fishing.

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