Catfishing Tips And Techniques

Catfishing tips not only covers catfishing rigs but also includes the best bait for catfish, to entice the elusive scavengers. Diverse eating habits of different ‘cat’ species have brought forth a wide range of baits. Choosing the right one is easy if you go by the book but using one properly to ensure success is only an acquired skill.

catfishing tips 1Years of practice and setting up catfish rigs enhances the insight and expertise of an angler. A seasoned angler worries little about the quality of his equipment and focuses on his technique using some of these catfishing tips. Choice of bait is important only if you know where to locate your fish. Don’t expect the catfish to swim up to you and ask for that shad you brought along. You have to make your own luck. Catfish tend to lurk in hidden depths and hide under submerged rocks. So it’s crucial that you study the fishing area and locate the possible catfish hideouts.

When you spot a mottled yellow body in the cloudy waters, throw in a piece of bait to make sure it is the catfish you have been dying to hook. It pays to stay active and ready for action when catfish start to show their presence. Swirling currents are also a sign that the catfish may be lurking just under water. Keep testing these catfishing tips until you find something to lengthen your stay. In case you don’t, try not to waste more than twenty minutes in stagnant waters.

‘Keep the bait still and the hand steady’, advises a seasoned angler. Too much movement would frighten the bait fish and the possible catch of the day. Good technique, effective equipment, the best bait and its proper use can help you bag the big catfish a lot faster.

When the floods come in, the level of the river rises and inundates new areas. These newly flooded lands serve as feeding grounds for catfish. When setting out to catch catfish after a flood, remember to take along fresh Shad and Bluegill and target the mentioned areas.

catfishing tips night fishingAnglers who catfish do not go by the clock, however they do proclaim that the best catches come in early in the mornings and later in the evenings. Rains mean little sunshine and a cloud cover; these conditions also work in favor of anglers. Catfish which reside at the bottom of their dwelling during the day break the surface of the water, searching for easy prey at night. When spring comes, the channel catfish becomes very active and easier to lure in. This continues on till early autumn and is due to an increased water level.

Hailed as the most popular game fish in the United States, catfish provide a thrill and excitement.

Catfishing Tips:

  1. Keep trying different locations.
  2. Don’t waste more than 20 minutes at a spot if Shad, Perch, chicken liver or other such baits do not attract any catfish.
  3. Watch for gulls, if they are circling over a body of water, head downhill from them and try the new location.
  4. Test a good current eddy.
  5. Catfish travel the river channels to get to the shallows, try your luck there.

Remember, waiting is rather dull, going after the catfish using these catfishing tips would definitely prove more rewarding.

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