Catfish Rigs For Deep And Shallow Water

The right bait and a simple sturdy rig is all that is required to catch a catfish, that’s where catfish rigs are so important. When you plan to catch yourself a big one, get acquainted with the different types of rigs. How you set up your fishing line, bait it and the weight you attach to it, is in simple terms described as catfish rigging. You can go and spend a bunch of money on rigs but most of the time it really isn’t necessary. Although there are countless rigs available, most fishermen still prefer the simple ones with a weight, bobber and a reliable hook to catch those monster ‘cats’.

deep catfish rig with dropper loopDeep catfish rig is a simple basic kind of rig which uses a Palomar knot. This knot is a secure and convenient way of tying the hook and weight to your line. Learn how to tie a Palomar knot. It’s not that hard to tie and if done right it won’t pull loose. In fact, tied correctly the line will snap before the knot comes loose. Also a nice reliable weight of about one ounce is the main requisite of deep catfish rigs. Instead of tying the hook to the end of the line you tie the weight on the end; their positioning at the end of the line not only helps evade snags but also helps keep your catch.

When you are attaching a hook to your deep catfish rig, go up 18 inches from the end of the line before tying the hook. Then, with the help of a dropper loop, tie the hook and leader line in place. deep catfish rigTo keep the line tied to the hook from tangling with the line tied to the weight, a wired leader can be used which keeps the two lines in place. Different enterprises call for different kinds of baits which in turn determines the size of hooks used. For instance, if you are learning how to catch catfish like the channel ‘cats’ you would probably bait them with chicken livers, worms, and dip baits. Small baits call for smaller hooks, a number 2, which might go up to a 2/0 is the perfect hook size for catching smaller fish. More ambitious undertakings, like pursuing the big nasty Blues, require bigger baits such as shads and perches, which in turn calls for bigger hooks. An 8/0 or 9/0 circle hook would work well with the bigger fish. It would snag the fish and keep it hooked.

shallow catfish rigShallow water fishing calls for shallow rigs. To make sturdy shallow catfish rigs you require a good quality bobber. Then, depending upon the depth you want to go while fishing, adjust the placement of your bobber. Two or three feet from the hook would be just right. In the middle of the bobber and the hook, just a little below the bobber add a split shot. Then, when all is set and you have to choose a hook, apply the same guidelines which were used for the deep rigs. The size of your catch and bait should always serve as the determining factors for the size of your hook. Big baits and catches always require bigger hooks.

Catfish rigs have many different types but each of the rigs are designed to serve a purpose. When planning a fishing trip, it is vital that you take into account the weather, temperature and the time of the year. Some temperatures and seasons are better suited for fishing than others. If you plan carefully and learn how to set up effective catfish rigs using the best catfish bait, you increase your chances tenfold, for bringing in a bigger and better catch.

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