Crazy Things Used For Catfish Bait That Catch ‘em

There are some crazy things sitting right in your refrigerator that you can use a catfish bait that can catch catfish on your next outing! I have heard so many stories of people catching catfish off of some of the most unusual baits made right from stuff they have at home. Keep reading and then when you’re done, before you clean out the fridge and throw stuff away, take a second look and maybe even go out and catch catfish with it.

Hotdogs have been a talked about bait for years, but did you know if you mash the hotdogs up, mix some melted cheese in with them, then let the mixture cool in the fridge, you have a bait that will certainly catch catfish when used in a stink bait worm. Just get some of the tubes used for dip baits, have your hotdog mixture in a bowl with lid, then when you get to your favorite fishing spot just dip the tubes in the mixture and you will have a scent line in the water that will catch catfish for hours.

Catfish Bait TubeThis mixture also has a pleasant smell, unlike stink baits.

Marshmallows for a snack for the kids, and a catfish on the line. Marshmallows can be used just like they are in the bag, just thread them on the hook and cast them out. You can also melt the marshmallows some, this technique takes a little more planning to catch catfish. Melt the marshmallows, then take your stink bait tubes and dip them in the melted marshmallows. Lay the tubes out on a pan and allow to set. The marshmallows will cool, then become a very sticky enticing bait on the tube. For some reason marshmallows are a great way to catch catfish, especially eating size channel cats.

Who likes the raw smell of GARLIC? Catfish do! Garlic has been added to prepared baits for a long time and is still a great attractant when trying to catch catfish. Crush some garlic up, or if you have garlic powder in your pantry, and add it to the hotdog mix. Take it on your next outing to catch catfish and you might catch an Italian catfish!

condiments for catfish baitCondiments can be deadly when used correctly for catfish bait! Everyone has the basics in their fridge: mustard, ketchup, and mayo. Well set them out on the counter and start mixing! grab your mixing bowl again and mix equal parts of all three together or just a couple, but remember in order to make a good prepared bait you need some substance to make it last for a while on your dip worm.

When trying to catch catfish with prepared baits, you want the bait to slowly dissolve, so you create a scent line in the water. For this mixture, I mix flour in my mixing bowl. Add the ingredients, stir well, then begin slowly mixing flour in. You want the mixture like a thick paste. These ingredients will not set up, so the flour is used to make the paste for this catfish bait.

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