4 Bowfishing Accessories You Should Not Be Without

Nearly every task is made easier by the presence of a few well-chosen accessories, in addition to the main tools you are going to use, but the results are better if these accessories are present. Bowfishing is no exception to this rule. Although the only absolutely necessary items are a bow, a set of arrows, and a reel, there are perhaps half a dozen or a dozen bowfishing accessories that will make the experience much easier and far more enjoyable. These accessories give you a boost in many different ways, from allowing you to carry out simple field repairs on your equipment, to just making you more comfortable – and, after all, bowfishing is supposed to be enjoyable.

bowfishing polarized sunglassesSome way of dealing with lighting conditions is essential no matter what time of day you are planning to go fishing. During the day, the sun can glare off the surface of the water in a blinding, silvery dance – so you will need polarized-lens sunglasses to suppress this brilliance and allow you to see into the water. This will let you shoot effectively at your quarry and will spare you a ghastly headache. At night, you will need a light to see fish – and hopefully to draw them to your boat.

bowfishing kevlar glovesFishing lines can be rough on the hands, especially when you are reeling in a good-sized fish – or a giant like an alligator gar or even an actual alligator. A good pair of gloves is a useful accessory, if not absolutely necessary – you can get by without them if your hands are tough and calloused, but most people would be well-advised to get a pair of tough but dexterous gloves to use during their bowfishing expedition.

Rubber hip boots are one of the necessary bowfishing accessories, if you are going to be doing any wading. If you are fishing from a platform or boat, you are less likely to need them unless you fall over the side, but if you are going to wade into the shallows or fish from shore, then they are a necessary piece of gear.

Bowfishing Multi-tool with Built-in LED FlashlightsA good multi-tool is always handy to have. Both Gerber and Leatherman, among other companies, make multi-pliers that will prove highly useful to the bowfisherman. The Flik Fisherman by Gerber is designed specifically with the fishing set in mind, and many of the multi-tools from both companies would be well-adapted to your bowfishing needs.

The needle-nose pliers head of a multi-tool can be used to help extract arrows, as well as straightening arrowheads that were bent when they hit the target (or missed it and struck a rock instead). The on board knife is obviously useful for a fisherman, scissors can cut line, and the screwdrivers or universal bit drivers can be used to tighten screws that are coming loose on various pieces of equipment. Thus equipped with these bowfishing accessories, you are ready for anything on your bowfishing adventure.

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