A List Of Some Of The Best Catfish Bait

Catfish will eat almost anything. To lure in the biggest catches anglers mostly prefer to do what nature does, they opt for the best catfish bait that forms the natural diet of catfish. Essentially, catfish are omnivorous scavengers and live on a variety of plant and animal life existing under the water. Catfish have a strong sense of smell which often attracts them to strong smelling baits. Although live baits like perches and shads are used to lure in bigger catches and often bring amazing results, smaller baits are also widely used.

Types of Bait

Here’s a list of some of the more popular baits folks use to catch catfish:

chicken liverbest catfish bait fish
night crawlers
live perch
stinky baits
small frogs
hot dogs
peanut butter

You can use shrimp as well since these tend to be really stinky. You can use them with the shell on but it’s better to take them off. If the shrimp are large you can cut them in half. One thing you might want to add to your tackle box is fish oil. This stinky oil really helps to draw catfish. So just soak the shrimp in some of this stuff for a few minutes and you got yourself something that catfish find hard to resist. A stronger and more pungent smell increases the chances of attracting bigger catfishes and in greater numbers.

best catfish bait earthwormYou can also go out in the backyard and dig up some worms. Catfish just love worms. A variety of worms serve well for catfishing. Most people prefer using garden worms and night crawlers as bait on their catfish rigs because of the easy accessibility and abundance of supply. If you are big into catfishing you can actually start a little vermiculture bucket with small holes at the bottom filled with soil and food scraps. You can dig up some worms in your yard or even order them off the Internet and let them eat your raw food scraps, tea and coffee and such. Not only do you get some great soil you can use for your garden but you also have an almost unlimited supply of free worms. Of course, you can also get worms at a bait shop.

A Catfish Bait of Your Own

best catfish bait peanut butter and cornflakesHomemade baits are preferred by seasoned anglers and novices alike. There is a lot you can do with leftover food and snacks lying around the house. For instance; a mixture of crushed cornflakes, plain or frosted and several spoonfuls of peanut butter tempts the ‘cats’ and lures them in to investigate. The secret lies in the oils present in this homemade bait, which are released in the water and the fish is attracted by the pungent odor. The small bits of cornflakes and peanut butter are not easy to get off the hook and the end result is a hooked fish. Sweet corn is also a wise option; you can put some on your treble hook and then camouflage it, using bread. Make a bread ball that would cover the hook and keep smaller fish from making a meal out of your corn bait. The sweet smell of the corn would work wonders and bring out even the most hook shy catfish. A Chunk of cheese is another home delight that catfishes find hard to resist.

So you can experiment and create your own baits. Remember, catfishes have weak sight but a very strong smelling sense and they live on a trash diet. Since, they are not fussy eaters any bait you cook up would be the best catfish bait, just make sure that it smells strong enough to attract the biggest catches.

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