Two Bass Rigs You Should Be Using

The number of bass you catch at end of the day is determined by which bass rigs you choose to use.

In order to save you time, you need to just concentrate on the one or two bass rigs you want to use. When you are not sure which kind of rigs you should use, you might end up in using several different baits besides lots of different rigs, wasting your time trying out all the different variations.

You need only to rely on one of the most famous bass rigs like the Texas rig, the Jig Rig and also the Carolina rig. Even floating rigs can be taken into consideration depending upon your current fishing conditions. Here is some vital details about two rigs that will help you in choosing the best one for your situation.

Texas Rig

Texas RigTexas Rig Being one of the popular bass fishing rigs that provides you with maximum amount of success, a Texas rigs is found to be used by most of the anglers. It is made up of plastic with a simple mechanism of implementation. Hence, it holds the record for catching the maximum number of bass than any other rig.

The process of rigging a Texas rig is absolutely easy as all you need is a hook and a bullet sinker. Also, it doesn’t even take much time to set it up. Fisrt just slide the bullet sinker on the main line. Then, tie the hook down the line and your rig is ready to use. You can also use a rubber stopper to control how far the worm goes from the weight.

Jig Rig

jig rigThe jig rig is beginning to get very popular. First, because the line is tied to a swivel snap and the hook and the weight are connected together with a jump ring at the same point, the jig rig is more responsive. There isn’t a leader between the weight and the hook which makes a big difference. Also, it goes through cover much better than the Texas rig can because the weight sits directly on the bottom, and it falls more natural than a Texas rig.

You can also use a smaller weight to drop it right into cover. With a Texas rig, the line goes to the weight which is on bottom, and then the hook falls into the grass, separating the worm from the weight. The plastic used is only limited by what you have on hand, but some favorites are worms, crawdads and other creature baits. The worms in particular can slip into dense cover the easiest.

Popularity of the Rigs

The above bass rigs are two of the most successful as well as gaining in popularity, that will help you in fishing for greater numbers of bass. Apart from them, there are other rigs like the Carolina rig and the floating kind of rigs, which can be used with the same kind of success that these two bass rigs have. The most important aspect of these rigs is that you can use them for bass tournaments as well as your everyday fishing needs.

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