Steps To Tying The Albright Knot

The Albright Knot is one of the most reliable connections for joining lines of unequal diameters or different material. It is also used for creating shock leaders and when a Bimini Twist is tied in the end of the lighter casting line. It is also used for connecting monofilament to wire. The knot itself is not difficult to learn is is definitely worth it.

Step 1:

albright knot 1

Bend a loop in the tag end of the heavier backing and hold it with your thumb and forefinger. Insert the tag end of the fly line or the lighter line through the loop from the top so that the tag end of the fly line rises above the loop. Pull the standing part of the heavy mono and the standing part of the light mono. Allow at least 8 to 10 inches on the fly line’s tag end.

Step 2:

albright knot 2

Slip the tag end of the fly line under your left thumb and pinch it tightly against the two heavier strands of the loop. You’re about to make a series of wraps with the tag end all around three strands working from LEFT to RIGHT. Wrap the first turn of the lighter monofilament over itself and continue wrapping toward the round end of the loop. Take at least 12 turns with the lighter monofilament around all three strands.

The trick is to move your left hand to continue keeping pressure on the wraps as you make them. The first wrap with the tag end must reverse direction from the left to the right. Try to lay each wrap shoulder to shoulder with the one before it.

Step 3:

albright knot 3

After completing the wraps of the albright knot, insert the tag end of the fly line back through the loop so that it exits on the same side of the loop as it entered. Pull gently on the standing parts to jam the wraps together, holding the wraps lightly with your left thumb and forefinger, and start sliding them toward the closed end of the loop.

Step 4:

albright knot 4

Hold the standing part of the backing in your left hand and push the wraps with your thumb and forefinger as you pull on the standing part of the fly line. Work SLOWLY so you don’t slide the wraps over the end. Alternate pulling on the tag end of the fly line and the standing part until the wraps are jammed against the tag end.

Step 5:

albright knot 5

If you would like the tag end even tighter you can use pliers to pull a little extra. To make sure the knot is securely seated, pull on the standing parts of both lines.

Step 6:

albright knot 6

Trim both of the tag ends. Finished Albright Knot.



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